Carson’s 2019 NBA Predictions

The season has already begun. But it's not too late to have a prediction article out there. After each month, I plan on having an updated list to show how the season has progressed. The season is going to be unpredictable but here are my predictions for the upcoming season. The One that slip a … Continue reading Carson’s 2019 NBA Predictions

Football Talk Friday: 10/25/19

Due to my goal to write more, I'm going to make this a weekly thing... hopefully. I'm currently watching the Vikings-Redskins game and just thought of this: How to fix the NFL Scheduling issues Out of the three primetime games this week, I only really want to watch the Sunday Night Football game. Two weeks … Continue reading Football Talk Friday: 10/25/19

I’m Going to Watch More NBA

This season is, undoubtedly, the least predictable season in my whole life (since 2003). Here's why: New Duos along with the old ones My Top 10 Rankings of Duos with Reasons: Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Kawhi's the best player in the league at the moment and George was an MVP candidate, when healthy, last … Continue reading I’m Going to Watch More NBA

The New Age of the Quarterback

So far, this season, 44 quarterbacks have thrown more than 8 attempts. With Mason Rudolph looking like he might not be playing soon due to that nasty concussion from Earl Thomas, there is a possibility of having four starting rookies quarterbacks next week. It soon going to be a new generation of quarterbacks. Hate to … Continue reading The New Age of the Quarterback