Jayson Tatum is Taking Over the NBA

With one game left before the All-Star Game, the Celtics were playing the Clippers at home. Jayson Tatum was coming off of a poor outing against the Rockets when he only scored 15 points on 5/15 from the field. Jayson Tatum had a performance of the ages by locking up Kawhi on defense and scoring … Continue reading Jayson Tatum is Taking Over the NBA

The Status of the NBA: 2/26/2020

The NBA has become my sole focus this year. I have not gotten too interested in the college basketball season like I usually do, mainly because there are not really any intriguing players playing on winning teams. I would be enthralled into the season if James Wiseman was playing on a top-ranked Memphis team or … Continue reading The Status of the NBA: 2/26/2020

Status of the NFL: Post Super Bowl LIV

In my opinion, the Super Bowl went as expected. The Chiefs were down, the Niners couldn't finish, and Patrick Mahomes solidified himself as the top player in the NFL. That leads to the first topic: The Best Player in the NFL: Patrick Mahomes I don't know anyone who would pick a player to build around … Continue reading Status of the NFL: Post Super Bowl LIV

Players Inducted Into TQHOF

As time progresses, player profiles will be released on each player. But, here's the list of the Inaugural TQHOF NFL Players Class: 1960s Jim Brown Johnny Unitas Gale Sayers 1970s Walter Payton Joe Greene Terry Bradshaw 1980s Joe Montana Lawrence Taylor Dan Marino 1990s Jerry Rice Barry Sanders Brett Favre 2000s Peyton Manning Ray Lewis … Continue reading Players Inducted Into TQHOF