Status of the NFL: Post Super Bowl LIV

In my opinion, the Super Bowl went as expected. The Chiefs were down, the Niners couldn’t finish, and Patrick Mahomes solidified himself as the top player in the NFL. That leads to the first topic:

The Best Player in the NFL: Patrick Mahomes

I don’t know anyone who would pick a player to build around before Patrick Mahomes. At the age of 24, Mahomes has sat a season, won the MVP the next season, and the Super Bowl the following season. He is one of the most electrifying players in the league, and no one can sleep on him even up ten points in the fourth quarter like tonight. As Kevin Clark tweeted during the game:

No one could have bet against him at that point in the game. He, along with the whole Chiefs offense, can flip the game in a matter of minutes. It’s a unique attribute that a select few have possessed in the history of the NFL. In addition to that, Mahomes has broken the Madden curse. Thus, he’s going to be a special player in the NFL for years to come.

Most Uncertain Playoff Team: New England Patriots

One, Tom Brady made his decision to return to the Patriots in a Hulu commercial during the Super Bowl… I think. Let’s say it’s a joke or I didn’t understand it, and he moves on from the Patriots. Are they a playoff team? Yes, Bill Belichick is the greatest coach of all time, and he wants to thrive without the greatest player of all time. Are they a good playoff team? Probably not, Tom Brady is the GOAT, and they have had issues on offense with him. The defense can only take them so far. We saw this when the Titans just outplayed them throughout the game to end their season in the Wild Card round.

If Tom does return, how long will he play? I see a maximum of two more seasons played at a decent level. Then, soon, a year that replicates Manning’s final year in Denver. Second, will Tom let the Patriots get their future QB while he’s still there? We saw them get rid of NFC Champion Jimmy G because he didn’t want any competition in the QB room. No matter what, IT’S TOM’S CALL!

Three Teams With The Brightest Futures:

Kansas City Chiefs

(See Patrick Mahomes: The Best Player in the NFL). They’re all set for a while.

San Francisco 49ers

I wouldn’t say I like this team. I never thought they were good the entire season, and the proof was in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. So, I was right. But, I guess they belong on the list with the young defensive front and the genius young coach. All in all, I hope they are like the Rams and will only have this season before falling apart.

Baltimore Ravens

The best team throughout the regular season. One tough game that didn’t go their way, and their season is done. That’s why the NFL is an any given Sunday type of sport. But, if they don’t lose that game, they very well could have won the Super Bowl. They have a young MVP along with veteran defensive players, which leads to a solid squad every year. Hopefully, they add another big receiving threat they can rely on to get 50/50 balls instead of just their TEs and speed threat, Hollywood Brown.

The Kevin Cosner Award: Detroit Lions

With the top two players in the draft set and most likely drafted by the Redskins and Bengals, the draft will start at three. Hopefully, the Lions trade back to the fifth pick from the Dolphins and will have the option to draft Okudah or Simmons. The Dolphins have hoped all season to select Tua, and they should be able to trade up with the assets they’ve collected. Thus, The Kevin Cosner Award should end up in the Lions’ hands by April.

More draft content will be released throughout the offseason leading up to the draft, so I won’t touch on that today.

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