Today, I Did A Deep Dive on: Isiah Thomas

Last night, I read the first chapter of The Book of Basketball by Bill Simmons, which was based on a conversation Bill had at a topless pool with Isiah Thomas. Going into the conversation, Bill thought he was going to get pounded because that's what Isiah said would happen if they ever met. Bill is … Continue reading Today, I Did A Deep Dive on: Isiah Thomas

A Text from My Dad

Yesterday afternoon, my dad sent my brother and me a text that stuck with me. He texted: "Hey boys! How you doing? Pretty crazy world right now. I'm glad you are safe! Too bad about sports in general. This has been my favorite time of the year. Basketball tournament time! For the health of the … Continue reading A Text from My Dad

Jayson Tatum is Taking Over the NBA

With one game left before the All-Star Game, the Celtics were playing the Clippers at home. Jayson Tatum was coming off of a poor outing against the Rockets when he only scored 15 points on 5/15 from the field. Jayson Tatum had a performance of the ages by locking up Kawhi on defense and scoring … Continue reading Jayson Tatum is Taking Over the NBA

The Status of the NBA: 2/26/2020

The NBA has become my sole focus this year. I have not gotten too interested in the college basketball season like I usually do, mainly because there are not really any intriguing players playing on winning teams. I would be enthralled into the season if James Wiseman was playing on a top-ranked Memphis team or … Continue reading The Status of the NBA: 2/26/2020

NBA Christmasketball 2019 Takeaways

I have unofficially watched more NBA Basketball today than I have watched this whole season. I could not complain about the games given today. Going into the season, the games were getting a lot of well-deserved hype. To see a battle for LA or the WCF rematch, I'd love to see those matchups. But, I … Continue reading NBA Christmasketball 2019 Takeaways

I’m Going to Watch More NBA

This season is, undoubtedly, the least predictable season in my whole life (since 2003). Here's why: New Duos along with the old ones My Top 10 Rankings of Duos with Reasons: Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Kawhi's the best player in the league at the moment and George was an MVP candidate, when healthy, last … Continue reading I’m Going to Watch More NBA

New York Knicks: The Worst NBA Franchise Right Now

Sure, the Suns have proven time and time again, they are trying to leave the NBA. But, the Knicks are just very very bad. It all started when they traded for Carmelo and washed up Chauncey Billups for Wilson Chandler, Timofey Mozgov, Danilo Gallinari, and a pick that would end up being Dario Saric. Melo … Continue reading New York Knicks: The Worst NBA Franchise Right Now