NFL 2020 Mock Draft 1.0

With the top twenty draft picks set in stone and teams' seasons are over, it's time for mock drafts. Here is my first version of the upcoming NFL Draft in April. 1.1 Bengals: Joe Burrow, LSU Joe is the player that makes sense at first overall. He has won the Heisman (the Heisman winner has … Continue reading NFL 2020 Mock Draft 1.0

The Decade in Sports

The 2010s is the first full decade I lived on Earth. It has been a massive decade for me and the world of sports. Here's a summary of the decade through me. NBA LeBron James: The Most Valuable Player As a notable LeBron hater, I have had a very up and down decade for me. … Continue reading The Decade in Sports

NBA Christmasketball 2019 Takeaways

I have unofficially watched more NBA Basketball today than I have watched this whole season. I could not complain about the games given today. Going into the season, the games were getting a lot of well-deserved hype. To see a battle for LA or the WCF rematch, I'd love to see those matchups. But, I … Continue reading NBA Christmasketball 2019 Takeaways

Carson’s Week in Review and Preview of Next Week: 11/25/2019

My week was pretty chaotic. On a personal note, my mother has been in the hospital since the 14th with pnemonia and low oxygen levels. But, she gets better and better each day and she should be out by Thanksgiving (fingers-crossed). Luckily, I haven't missed too much good football/basketball because there hasn't been that much. … Continue reading Carson’s Week in Review and Preview of Next Week: 11/25/2019

Monday’s Weekend Recap

This weekend has been a very chaotic football weekend. Bama Loses to LSU This game was, by far, the best game of the season so far. Clyde Edwards-Helaire had one of the best breakout college performances I've seen in a while: My brother and I became very impressed with his effort. On many plays, … Continue reading Monday’s Weekend Recap

Football Talk Friday: 10/25/19

Due to my goal to write more, I'm going to make this a weekly thing... hopefully. I'm currently watching the Vikings-Redskins game and just thought of this: How to fix the NFL Scheduling issues Out of the three primetime games this week, I only really want to watch the Sunday Night Football game. Two weeks … Continue reading Football Talk Friday: 10/25/19

I’m Going to Watch More NBA

This season is, undoubtedly, the least predictable season in my whole life (since 2003). Here's why: New Duos along with the old ones My Top 10 Rankings of Duos with Reasons: Paul George and Kawhi Leonard, Kawhi's the best player in the league at the moment and George was an MVP candidate, when healthy, last … Continue reading I’m Going to Watch More NBA